About Us - Meet Our CEO

Ajané Cosmetics LLC was founded in 2021 by California native Jasmine Ajanè. As a former pageant queen and model Jasmine fell in love with makeup and the art of transformation at a young age.

As early as 15 years ago, she began watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and evolved into a self-taught makeup artist. Makeup is not only a creative outlet for her, but a true passion. Founding Ajané Cosmetics has in return fulfilled her calling which is to help others feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.

 Back in 2020, Jasmine Ajané had a realistic dream where she discovered an overwhelming feeling of warmth and happiness while running her own successful beauty business. She took that as a sign from the universe and has never looked back since.

 As a life long lip gloss lover, Jasmine was never satisfied with the lip gloss options available on the market. She found that many were either too thick, too sticky, or left residue on the lips. Jasmine then decided to create and perfect her own lip gloss formula. Once she perfected her gloss, she knew she could not keep this amazing secret to herself.

 Ajané Cosmetics LLC truly appreciates every one of our customers because you are not only supporting Jasmine’s passion but are helping make her dreams become a reality.